The best card

for young and dynamic travelers.

For everyone for whom safety and comfort are the most important.

  • Travel insurance. The Diners Club TRAVELER card includes comprehensive international travel insurance up to PLN 500 000. Thanks to this you no longer need to look for insurance before going abroad and incur additional costs. Apart from the Cardholder, the family traveling with him is also be protected.
  • DC Loyalty Program. Join our program and earn DC points on each transaction. Then exchange them into miles in the ClubMiles program and get free airline tickets. You will receive up to 1000 welcome points from us! Terms and Conditions of DC Loyalty Program.
  • Luggage tags. The card holder can order special, personalized luggage tags free of chargé for the first set. Their distinctive design, refined over the years, minimizes the risk of your luggage being accidentally taken by another passenger.
  • Facilities at airports. The card holder has the possibility of using special relaxation zones at many airports around the world. Besides, at selected airports thanks to Fast Track service you can speed up the passage through security control.
  • Deferred repayment date. The payment deadline for a Diners Club card is postponed up to 59 days. This means improving your financial liquidity without any effort.
  • Replacement card. We will issue it free even within 24 hours. It is important for entrepreneurs who know that time is money.


This is not everything, of course. Contact Diners Club and enter the world of inexhaustible possibilities.