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Diners Club PARTNER card

Karta DC PARTNER CORPO paypass

Diners Club PARTNER

means measurable benefits from cooperation

The first corporate Diners Club credit card was created for these entrepreneurs who accept Diners Club card payments in their business. Favorable parameters together with the package of optional services make the product an indispensable tool supporting effective cost management in any company.

  • PLN 0 annual fee. Cooperation pays off! This is an offer for these entrepreneurs who accept Diners Club card payments in their business. Diners Club PARTNER is issued with no issuance or annual fee.
  • Deferred payment. The due date for Diners Club PARTNER is deferred up to 59 days. If necessary, only a minimum payment of 15% of the due amount can be made in order to gain get lending on preferential terms – only 4,8% per annum.
  • Favorable conditions for cash transactions. Commission on cash transactions / ATM is only 2.5%. What's more, interest is calculated from the date of the required repayment, and not from the date of the transaction, which is a unique solution for credit cards.
  • Paid abroad travel insurance. With Diners Club PARTNER card one can buy foreign travel insurance package to the value of PLN 1 000 000. The package includes among other things, liability insurance, reimbursement of medical expenses or purchase of drugs. The cost is PLN 80.
  • Corporate e-Account. Internet access to the card account, so that you can control spending 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The service lets you download extracts search current and archive operations, comparing the spending of the last 12 months and list them in a friendly graphs and charts, as well as their analysis by industry.
  • Independence from the bank. Diners Club PARTNER allows the use of money to the amount of the credit limit, determined in accordance with individual needs and financial capabilities, regardless of the company bank account balance.
  • Airport amenities. Each card holder has the option to paid use of airport lounges - special zones of comfort and relaxation at many airports of the world. Moreover, after presentation of the card you can use the fast pass through security checks before entering the departure zone at selected airports – Fast Track.
  • Comfortable complaints. Each questionable amount is written off from the balance until the clarification of the complaint.


Cooperation pays off! Thanks to Diners Club Partner you can enjoy a unique product that makes your business run smoothly. Welcome to the group of satisfied Customers and Partners of Diners Club!