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Diners Club TRAVELER corporate

Karta DC SILVER CORPO paypass

The best product for dynamic companies,

traveling on their own terms.

Using the Diners Club TRAVELER card, you can collect points in the DC Loyalty Program and exchange them into miles, which you can then use to purchase airline tickets or hotel reservations.

  • Travel insurance. The Diners Club TRAVELER card includes comprehensive international travel insurance up to PLN 500 000. Thanks to this you no longer need to look for insurance before going abroad and incur additional costs. Apart from the Cardholder, the insurance covers a family traveling with him or up to three co-workers during a business trip.
  • DC Loyalty Program. Diners Club TRAVELER card holders collect DC Points, which can then be exchanged into miles in the ClubMiles Program. By using the ClubMiles Reservation Platform, everyone can buy airline tickets and book hotels and increase the balance of their miles. Collected miles can be further exchanged into tickets or hotels. Details at www.clubmiles.pl.
    Terms and Conditions of DC Loyalty Program
  • Convenient settlement. Your company only receives one monthly statement for all transactions made with the card in the previous month. Thanks to this, you can easily monitor expenses and employees are mobilized to efficiently settle invoices. You only make one payment a month - to Diners Club.
  • Full reporting. The company regularly receives reports on individual employees' balances, reports on the status of cards issued for its employees, individual accounts, etc.
  • Deferred repayment date. The payment deadline for a Diners Club card is postponed up to 59 days. This means improving your company's financial liquidity without any effort.
  • Replacement card. We will issue it free even within 24 hours. It is important for entrepreneurs who know that time is money.
  • Friendly complaints. Any doubtful amount is written off from the balance until the complaint is clarified.
  • Facilities at airports. Every Cardholder has the possibility to visit airport lounges for a fee - special zones of comfort and relaxation at many airports around the world. What's more, upon presenting the card, you can take advantage of Fast Track - a fast passage through security control before entering the departure zone at selected airports.


Diners Club Corporate Card is the optimal solution for companies that know the taste of success and care for their employees.