Diners Club Office Account

Optimisation of purchasing processes

Diners Club Office Account is a central corporate account used for the settlement of recurrent purchases such as hotel accommodation, tickets (purchased directly by the company) or office supplies. It will enable your company to streamline the processes directly related to ordering and monitoring of office expenditure by, among others, swift invoice settlement.

  • Independence from banks. Diners Club Cards are independent from bank accounts, enabling you to use money up to an individually specified spending limit, irrespective of your current bank account balance.

  • Funds security. In the event the card is misused by an unauthorised third party, the company and the user are fully exempt from any financial liability provided that the loss/theft of the card is notified within 48h.
  • Cost reduction. The Office Account gives you an opportunity to negotiate more attractive sales terms with suppliers.

  • Friendly complaint process. Each doubtful amount is written off the balance until the complaint is settled.
  • Account Manager assistance and support. Every company holding an Office Account is served by our delegated Account Manager. After-sales service is our top priority.
  • Deferred payment. The payment period for Diners Club Cards is deferred by up to 59 days. This means improved liquidity for your company at no additional effort.
  • Preferential terms for private cards. Every Corporate Card user may apply for a private card upon special terms and conditions.

  • Optimisation of processes. Introduction of one payment instead of making transfers to specific suppliers enables to streamline your accounting process.


Process improvement, reduction of the accounting burden, transparent finance – every company may benefit from the Office Account, irrespective of their motives. Please contact our consultant to get a detailed offer.