Diners Club Road Account

It’s a simple way

Diners Club Road Account Card is an optimal solution for companies managing a fleet of vehicles, which are reluctant to provide their employees with corporate payment cards or freeze their funds on pre-paid accounts.

  • Independence from banks. Diners Club Cards are independent from bank accounts, enabling you to use money up to an individually specified spending limit, irrespective of your current bank account balance.

  • Individual, high spending limit. You don’t have to freeze your company assets in deposits or guarantees. The company can use the spending limit guaranteed by Diners Club from the moment the card is issued.

  • Financial security. In the event the card is misused by an unauthorised third party, the company and the user are fully exempt from any financial liability provided that the loss/theft of the card is notified within 48h.

  • Transparency of expenses. The settlement period of the Road Account Card is a calendar month. All the transactions made in the specific month are summarised in a clear statement at the beginning of the following month and sent to your company.

  • Process and accounting optimisation. Road Account means simplified management of road toll expenses.

  • Deferred payment. The payment period for Diners Club Cards is deferred by up to 59 days. This means improved liquidity for your company at no additional effort.

Now you can enjoy simplified management of road toll expenses. When the Road Account is allocated to the selected corporate vehicles (equipped with a device for cashless road toll payment), the drivers may simply cross the toll collection gates and the toll will be wirelessly charged against the Road Account. The Card enables automated payments for motorways and toll roads in Poland, Austria, Slovakia and the Czech Republic, in viaToll (Poland), Go–Maut (Austria) and Myto CZ (Czech Republic) toll collection systems. Please contact our consultant to get a detailed offer.

Diners Club Road Account: how it works?

Diners Club Road Account comes with no additional fees or charges, and does not require fuel limits to obtain the card.

Diners Club issues the Road Account Card for companies with a specific fleet of vehicles. Then, the company must sign an agreement with the electronic toll collection company and registers the vehicles in the relevant system.

Every vehicle subject to electronic toll collection has an onboard device installed (Austria – Go–Maut, Czech Republic – Myto CZ, Poland – viaToll) that records the specific method of payment, i.e. the Road Account Card. When driving on toll roads, the nearby portals communicate with the onboard device and the Road Account Card is automatically charged with a fee for the specific road section. The vehicle does not have to stop to make the payment. In Poland, the viaToll system is mandatory for all trucks and combination vehicles above 3.5 tons.

Now you can enjoy simplified management of road toll expenses. Please contact our consultant to get a detailed offer.