It is worth to pay with your Diners Club Card

Buying goods and services with a Diners Club Card is simple, easy and fast. We do not charge any fees for non-cash transactions and each purchase transaction may additionally be rewarded with Diners Club points.
Diners Club Card facts and figures
  • 35 000 000 – Diners Club Cards are accepted at so many retail and service outlets, and 1.3M+ ATMs around the world
  • 200 – the number of countries and territories where Diners Club cards are accepted
  • 75% – the percentage of all merchants and ATMs covered by Diners Club in Poland

Diners Club Cards are accepted by the following acquirers: Elavon Financial Services, eService Sp. z o.o., First Data Polska SA, SIX Payment Services, Polskie ePłatności SA., Pekao SA, Kapsch.