For those who value convenient travel

Diners Club Card provides you with access to comfort and relaxation zones at more than 1000 airports globally: from Warsaw through to St. Maarten. The Card holder and their guest can escape from the airport hustle and bustle and enjoy the facilities offered by the lounge.

How it works

Upon presentation of the Card, a Diners Club holder is provided with free access and the possibility to rest at the lounges of most airports worldwide. If you want to take a guest with you, you need to pay a fee of USD 18 to 25 as a Card Holder or User. You can check the companion fees at specific lounges at:

Make sure you use it actively

Holders and Users of Private and Corporate Cards issued by Diners Club Polska or by partner banks can use airport lounges for free if they are active users of their Diners Club Cards. This means that every Holder and User of a DC card (except for Diners Club PARTNER and PKO Diners Club Standard Cards) has as many as 5 free lounge entries during a year and as many as 10 entries with a Diners Club PREMIUM Card provided that within 30 days before their visit at the airport lounge they make turnover of PLN 1 000 with their Diners Club Card.

If you want to enter an airport lounge more often than 5 times a year or if the condition of the turnover of PLN 1 000 made with your Card within 30 days was not met, you can access the airport lounge at a fee of PLN 100 for your every visit at the lounge.

Holders of Diners Club PARTNER and PKO Diners Club Standard cards are always charged with the fee of PLN 100 for a visit at the airport lounge.

For a full list of Diners Club Lounges and companion access terms, visit

Enjoy yourself and rest at these comfortable places!

The service is available for users of the following Cards

Corporate Classic Card
Diners Club LOT Corporate Card
Diners Club PREMIUM VINTAGE corporate
Diners Club TRAVELER corporate
Diners Club PARTNER
Diners Club Classic
Diners Club LOT
Diners Club TRAVELER
Diners Club Premium Vintage
Karta Diners Club PBS