Diners Club cards give you the option to withdraw cash from an ATM. ATMs of PKO Bank Polski SA, Pekao SA, Citibank Handlowy and the Euronet network are at your disposal. The cash withdrawal limit is 1000 Euro for 7 days. The commission for using the service is 5%. What is worth emphasizing, interest on the amount withdrawn is calculated from the payment due date, not from the date of the transaction.

For your convenience, a global ATM search engine has been launched by Diners Club International. We hope you will enjoy it!

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Service is available for users of the following cards

Corporate Classic Card
Diners Club LOT Corporate Card
Diners Club PREMIUM VINTAGE corporate
Diners Club TRAVELER corporate
Diners Club PARTNER
Diners Club Classic
Diners Club LOT
Diners Club TRAVELER
Diners Club Premium Vintage
PKO Diners Club corporate Executive
PKO Diners Club corporate Standard
PKO Diners Club
Karta Diners Club PBS