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How to use the ClubMiles Platform?

The ClubMiles reservation platform is a convenient search engine for flights and accommodation all over the world. Available air connections include both traditional and cheap (economic) lines. The platform gives you the option to purchase the selected option using the Diners Club card. This is an extremely convenient solution, as when making a Diners Club card payment, foreign travel insurance is activated in the card package at the same time.

The ClubMiles reservation platform is available at

How does it work?

  1. The ClubMiles platform enables to pay with your Diners Club card for flight tickets of every 500+ IATA airline and economy airlines, and for hotel bookings all over the world.
  1. By paying with their Diners Club card on the ClubMiles platform for the international travel and related expenses, the customer activates international travel insurance provided in the card package.
  1. By making a hotel booking with using a link provided on the ClubMiles platform, the customer receives a 5% cashback to their Diners Club card (whether the hotel accepted Diners Club card payments or not).
  1. There are no blackout dates on the ClubMiles platform. This means users can use their miles to purchase their flight tickets and hotel rooms at any time of year, also on holidays and in high season, provided there are seats and rooms available.

We kindly invite you to take advantage!

Service is available for users of the following cards

Corporate Classic Card
Diners Club LOT Corporate Card
Diners Club TRAVELER corporate
Diners Club Travel Account
Diners Club Office Account
Diners Club PREMIUM VINTAGE corporate
Diners Club Classic
Diners Club LOT
Diners Club Premium Vintage
Diners Club TRAVELER
PKO Diners Club corporate Executive
PKO Diners Club corporate Standard
PKO Travel Account corporate
PKO Diners Club
Karta Diners Club PBS