For those who expect expert assistance

The Concierge Programme offers you the following range of services:

  • HOME AND FAMILY: including arrangement of child care during the parent’s absence at home, arrangement of pet care, arrangement of purchase and delivery to a specified address of shopping, flowers, gifts to a designated person
  • LEISURE & HOBBY: including booking, arrangement, delivery of movie, theatre, opera tickets as well as tickets for sports and cultural events to a specified address, arrangement of leisure at a selected place in the world (booking of the hotel, boarding house, trip, flight tickets, rail tickets), arrangement of various trainings and courses
  • TRAVEL & CARS: including administrative assistance in an event the user loses their documents abroad, providing information on the applicable procedures and assistance in contacting relevant services abroad, arrangement of services related to car garaging, i.e. car wash, repairs, checkups and booking visits at service stations, or arrangement of road assistance
  • BUSINESS MEETINGS (arrangement of receptions and business meetings)
  • HEALTH & BEAUTY: including arrangement of a general practitioner’s visit at home or at a clinic, arrangement of stays at rehabilitation and sanatorium centres
  • VIP CONCIERGE: including assistance in planning and arrangement of tourist trips in Poland and abroad by providing information about travel agency products, taking account of the customer's preferences, the nature of the trip and additional highlights
  • INVESTMENTS: including information about incoming art auctions, collectible car auctions, arrangement of participation in art or collectible car auctions.
  • DIARY: upon a request by the user, the Emergency Centre shall keep a diary of important events in order to notify the Customer by phone (call, text message) or electronically at a specific date.

Read more in the General Insurance Terms and Conditions (PL)

pdf General terms and conditions of “Diners Club Assistance and Concierge” Group Insurance

The service is available for users of the following Cards

Diners Club PREMIUM VINTAGE corporate
Diners Club Premium Vintage