For those who value their time and convenience of payment

Please remember to activate the card, to be able to enjoy its new possibilities. To activate the card, all you need to do is call the 24/7 phone number +48 22 826 07 66.

How does the service work

Diners Club cards are equipped with contactless functionality, which means that you can make quick and convenient contactless payments wherever the terminal has been equipped with a proximity reader. In Poland, payments of up to PLN 50 usually do not require a PIN (although due to security reasons, such a request will be made from time to time). However, when trying to make a contactless payment for an amount greater than PLN 50, the terminal will display a message about the necessity to confirm the operation with a PIN code or a signature on the proof of operation.

Are contactless payments secure?

Transaction security is the highest priority for us. By introducing contactless functionality, we have made every effort to ensure that contactless payments with Diners Club cards are secure.

The contactless card, if it is not used, does not emit any information by itself. It is activated only for a short time, at the explicit command of a contactless reader connected to the payment terminal - only after the seller enters data necessary for the transaction to the terminal.

The proximity reader is also inactive most of the time. In order for the reader to "communicate" with the contactless card, the card must be close to the terminal for a short distance - up to 5 cm - with the card being held flat at the reader for about half a second. There is no risk of "downloading" data from the card simply because we went with it next to the proximity reader. There is also no possibility of making an "accidental" contactless payment or paying for someone else's purchases.

How do you activate the contactless option in your Diners Club card?

The contactless option is automatically activated when the card is activated under a 24/7 telephone number: +48 22 826 07 66.

Service is available for users of the following cards

Corporate Classic Card
Diners Club LOT Corporate Card
Diners Club PARTNER
Diners Club TRAVELER corporate
Diners Club Classic
Diners Club LOT
Diners Club TRAVELER
Diners Club Premium Vintage