Target group: those who value convenience

Direct debit is a convenient and safe form of settling transaction statements that you get from us every month. It enables you to save time and guarantees timely repayment of your debt.

How Direct Debit works

Direct Debit is set up with a single instruction. After you submit the Direct Debit application, your monthly dues will be settled by your bank automatically without your having to waste your time and effort for it.

How to activate Direct Debit

You just have to fill in the application form (PL), print it, sign it in the spaces indicated and deliver the original to our office.

Note: the service is not applicable to Diners Club Cards issued by banks.

The service is available for users of the following Cards

Corporate Classic Card
Diners Club LOT Corporate Card
Diners Club TRAVELER corporate
Diners Club PREMIUM VINTAGE corporate
Diners Club PARTNER
Diners Club Classic
Diners Club LOT
Diners Club TRAVELER
Diners Club Premium Vintage