Target group: those who expect to have their expenses under control

e-Account provides online access to the card account, which enables you to control your balance and your expenses anytime, 24/7.
e-Account provides you with immediate information about new statements, downloads of PDF statements, searching and checking current and historical operations or the balance of your Diners Club Reward Programme points (on the e-statement).

Who can use the Diners Club e-Account service?

The e-Account service may be used by every Card holder who has a Diners Club Polska personal card, both individual and corporate.

How to activate my Diners Club e-Account?

In order to activate your Diners Club e-Account, you should register as a new user. You may register for the e-Account on our website. Select the 'Registration' button under the 'e-Account' tab in the main menu on the left. After successful registration, your new username will be sent to the e-mail address indicated during the registration process and you will be able to log in to your e-Account.

How to log in to my Diners Club e-Account?

After successful registration, you may log in the e-Account by clicking the 'Log in' button under the 'e-Account' banner and by entering the user name received to the e-mail address provided during registration, and the password made up of 8 characters being a combination of letters and digits.

How to use my Diners Club e-Account?

After you log in, you can use the following options from the menu on the left.


This option allows you to choose e-mail notification of new statements by clicking the ‘e-mail’ box. NOTE: If the box is unchecked, you will not be notified of the new statements by e-mail.

Current transactions

The option enables you to view a list of the last operations for the specified Card and create an Excel file.

Search transactions

The option enables finding transactions by e.g. currency or date and creating an Excel file with the data.


It allows you to review the current or previous statements (starting from January 2006) and download them as a PDF file.

The service is available for users of the following Cards

Diners Club Classic
Diners Club LOT
Diners Club Premium Vintage
Diners Club TRAVELER
PKO Diners Club
Karta Diners Club PBS