Target group: those who happen to lose their house keys

According to statistics, keys, in addition to wallets and mobile phones, are a thing that gets lost most often. With their Diners Club Card, every holder is provided with a free Safe Key service developed specifically to protect your keys. It facilitates finding your lost keys and returning them to the owner without disclosing the owner’s details.

Anonymous and safe

Simply activate the service on your business partner’s website: mySafety (PL) or at the following free hotline number: 800 800 110. The Safe Key service includes a safe keyfob with a 6-digit ID number and an instruction for the finder. The finder can expect a guaranteed reward, which ensures that 90% of lost keys are found within the first 24 hours!

How it works

  1. All you need to do is to register your keyfob ID number in mySafety database, which guarantees your personal data are protected.
  2. If your keys are lost, the finder contacts mySafety, knowing only the keyfob ID.
  3. mySafety collects the keys from the finder and pays a cash reward for returning them.
  4. The keys are delivered by courier to the owner’s pre-determined address.
  5. The transportation and reward costs are incurred by mySafety.


  • Full identity protection
  • Possibility to get the keys back for free already within 24 hours
  • No contact between the finder and the customer, which ensures complete anonymity
  • Avoidance of burdensome lock exchange at home or in your car

The service is available for users of the following Cards

Diners Club PREMIUM VINTAGE corporate
Diners Club Premium Vintage