Target group: companies managing their own fleets

Diners Club enables both corporate and private customers to settle their road toll fees in the form of a deferred payment using a Diners Club ROAD ACCOUNT Card. The service is integrated with the viaTOLL system and the viaBOX device.

viaTOLL system

The viaTOLL road toll collection system requires all the vehicles with GVW exceeding 3.5t, combination vehicles above 3.5t (vehicle + trailer) and buses, irrespective of their gross vehicle weight, to pay of every journey along paid motorways, expressways and selected national roads. In order to use the toll road system covered by the viaTOLL system, you need to equip your car with a small electronic onboard device (“viaBOX”).


It is a device that sends encrypted information about the vehicle to transmitters installed on gates when the vehicle crosses them. viaBOX enables to automatically charge the fee for using toll roads. viaBOX is delivered when you register, sign the agreement and pay a deposit. viaBOX can be used only in a single specific vehicle which was registered in the system. In order to avoid mistakes with onboard devices from other countries, viaBOX is marked with the viaTOLL system logo.

viaTOLL combined with Diners Club ROAD ACCOUNT means additional benefits

  • Convenience. A convenient post-paid toll settlement system: payment for the journey is deferred by up to 59 days!
  • Less bureaucracy. Post-pay registration of vehicles in the viaTOLL system is ensured by Diners Club Polska.
  • Automated payment. With your Diners Club Road Account Card combined with the viaBOX device, the fees are charged automatically.
  • Clear reports. Once a month, you receive a collective statement with summarised road toll costs.
  • Time saving with road toll fees settled in a non-cash manner.
  • Streamlined operations. Forget about driver downtime related to lacking funds on the System account and the need to top them up.

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The service is available for users of the following Card

Diners Club Road Account